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brian 7 years ago
my bosses club had a spectacular stage show Inside a swanky limousine a couple were getting it on on sauntered a WPC in an latex trench coat She 'arrested' the couple by toying with the doll then seeing to the guy her 'pistol' was a vibrator her handcuffs had nipple clamps an her truncheon was far from smoothUnder the coat she wore a front clasped basque thigh stilettos cap and crutchless thong all in black For a
hello 7 years ago
whats her name
Hhdg 7 years ago
Singh 9 years ago
I like this
What 11 years ago
Is this bitches name
Candy harris 5 years ago
I wear my latex and get fucked all the time I love it
Amanda 6 years ago
Once when I was on a blind date w/ someone at a restaurant and there were a couple getting it on rlly hard and when my blind date showed up he had his cock sticking out and he stripped off my clothes when we went in the bathroom and we fucked all night long